english *1960, composer/performer, guitar, electronic devices works in the field of non-ideomatic improvisation, electronica and contemporary classical. studies: classical guitar; electric guitar (autodidacted); cultural anthropology, musicology (thesis about the effects of the phonograph on cultural anthropology [book: Ethnologie im Ohr]). long term guitar-player at Franz Koglmann’s projects (Monoblue Quartet, Pipetet); founder of the ensembles Ton.Art (advanced jazz /1985-1995), Maxixe (new music chamber ensemble / 1991 ff.) and Extended Heritage (Butcher/Castelló/Dieb13/Reiter/Roisz/Stangl /2006); member of polwechsel (1993-2004), efzeg and the year of. solo-works (Récital 1/1996, Récital 2/2006, Récital 3/2007) duos with Christof Kurzmann (Schnee), Taku Unami (i was), Taku Sugimoto (an oldfashioned duett), Angélica Castelló (Chesterfield) and Kai Fagaschinski trio with Dieb 13 & Billy Roisz (EH) quartet with Dieb 13, Billy Roisz & Angélica Castelló (CastEHllo) compositions for choir, piano, chamber music (a.o. for Maxixe, Klangforum Wien); opera-project moon of Venus (1997-2002) together with the poet Oswald Egger. music for films, gustav deutsch: film.ist 7-12 (together with siewert/fennesz/dafeldecker) welt.spiegel.kino (with fennesz) CDs: all together more than 50 CD-releases. concerts and festivals in europe, america, asia and africa. lives and works in vienna.