For Zorn (1997)*

Burkhard Stangl


pulse, pace and speed of cities, to go the pace, to feel the pulse, to make reference to speed and – time, fast cuts, time and again (still) silence as Leitmotiv for eventual musical communication, even events, the evenness of loose events, silent and speedy cuts in cutting speed and silence as: entourage and precursor of: what comes, epigrammatic music or: sound as condition, condition humaine, all told in naked cities, to sharpen our landscapes, alone in a room, saying not a syllable, without accent, and there are – time and again – pulse and speed of our cities, the non-concealed and secret architects of John Zorn’s music.
This could have been a beginning.

(First performance of the composition “for Zorn”, 1997, Febr. 23rd, New York, 92ndStr. “Y”, played by Ensemble Klangforum Wien, Soloist: Pierre-Stephane Meugé, Altosax)